Crotalus horridus

Manuscripts Requested for Second "Biology of the Rattlesnakes" Volume

We are pleased to announce that ECO will be publishing a second Biology of the Rattlesnakes volume. This volume will carry on the tradition of its prestigious predecessors (Biology of the Pitvipers, Biology of the Vipers, The Biology of Rattlesnakes), including chapter style, color photographs, and hard copy binding with an artistic dust cover. Authors are welcome to contribute one or more manuscripts on any topic so long as rattlesnakes are the focus of the research and the content is original (has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere). Eligible contributions may include material that was not presented at the second Biology of the Rattlesnakes Symposium.

Authors must comply with the Guidelines for BOR Authors, which are available here for download:

Guidelines for BOR authors [116 K]

Sample Chapters as Examples for Formatting

  • Hunting California Ground Squirrels: Constraints and Opportunities for Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes. DONALD H. OWINGS AND RICHARD G. COSS  PDF reprint [1.47 Mb]

  • Seasonal and Annual Variation in Home Range and Movements of Tiger Rattlesnakes (Crotalus tigris) in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. MATT GOODE, JEFFREY J. SMITH, AND MELISSA AMARELLO  PDF reprint [920 Kb]

The deadline for submitting your manuscript is 31 March 2012. Manuscripts, with an accompanying cover letter, should be sent to William Hayes at The publisher, ECO, will be pushing to have the volume completed by the end of 2012.


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